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Jessica Simpson Shoots Down Big Tabloid Rumor

Jessica Simpson shoots down one big tabloid rumor!

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Kim Kardashian Wants a Guest Role on 'Downton Abbey'

Kim K on 'Downton Abbey!?' She wants it to happen!

Prosecutors look to new DNA testing in twin cases

Prosecutors: New DNA testing differentiates between identical twins; some question reliability

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Sarkozy's Comeback Will Be Challenging, Entertaining

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy announced he plans to return to politics, but stiff competition and a host of legal woes stand in his way.

Why Should You File Early For Social Security?

Looking for reasons to get your mitts on that sweet Social Security money at the earliest age possible?

Ruby Dee to be memorialized Saturday in NYC

New York memorial for actress Ruby Dee will feature Alicia Keys and Audra McDonald

Pirates Rally Past Brewers

Baseball Tonight Spotlight: Yovani Gallardo struck out 11 over seven scoreless innings, but Russell Martin's three-run homer in the eighth lifted the Pirates to a 4-2 win over the Brewers.

Is this the end game for Roger Goodell?

Joey Reiman tackles NFL culture and branding in a discussion on New Day Weekend.

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Barr: I want to be the number one player at combine

Hear what Barr has to say about the upcoming NFL combine.

Astronauts getting 3-D printer at space station

Space station shipment contains 3-D printer; rain forces SpaceX to delay launch to Sunday

How Fast Can Astronauts Run On The Moon?

A recent NASA study examined what it would be like for people to run on the moon, without the restrictions of the Apollo mission era space suits.

Kiribati leader visits Arctic on climate mission

Kiribati president tours Arctic glaciers ahead of UN climate summit

Making Afrikaner Culture Hip

Embraced by South African bands like Die Antwoord, Afrikaans, the lingua franca of the reviled former apartheid government, seems to be making a comeback. Photo: FilmMagic/Getty Images

ISIS' PR guru: Mastermind behind propaganda arm

'Greta Investigates: ISIS': The American believed to be behind ISIS' social media strategy became radicalized in college, suspected in previously foiled plots

Iggy Azalea & J Lo’s “Booty” Video – 4 Sexy Non-Booty Shots

We found the 4 sexiest non-booty shots in Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez’s “Booty” music video.

Armed officers comb ambush suspect's woods

Links new photos, minor edits.

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Goodell's Underwhelming Press Conference

Goodell announced upcoming changes to the NFL's personal conduct policy, but many felt his speech was short on specific details.

Lady Gaga: 'It's a very happy time in my life'

Q&A: Lady Gaga talks about splitting with manager, unhappy times and performing in Tel Aviv

Who Will Win The Batting Titles?

Baseball Tonight Minute: The Baseball Tonight crew discusses who could win the batting titles in the American and National Leagues.

Man jumps fence, enters the White House

A man jumped over the fence surrounding the White House and entered the building before being stopped by guards.

Sierra Leone complies with Ebola lockdown

Health workers fan out across Sierra Leone as residents comply with Ebola lockdown

5 ways to protect yourself from data breaches

After Home Depot's data breach, here are 5 ways to protect yourself